Research Area

I do research in relation to ICT@work. My research is strongly influenced by the perspective of socio-technical systems. I also do some research from the gender perspective.

Through my research I aim at providing knowledge, concepts and frameworks that improve ICT at work

I have done research mainly in two areas of society: 

  1. Public authorities and their IT systems used for administration of services.
  2. Health care and their IT systems that connect health care with the patients.

My research is hence divided into four main areas:

  1. IT projects and how they work with Agile and users, UX and other quality aspects of systems.
  2. IT Governance in the organisation and how the organisations work with the deployment of IT from a socio-technical perspective.
  3. Development and progression of professional competencies relevant for working in IT projects and with IT governance.
  4. The UX of the systems provided, the use and user perspective of IT, digital work engagement and digital workenvironments