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We Need to Digitalise Carefully – My Professor Installation Lecture

I did my professor installation lecture last week. And of course I was super nervous. And of course I as usual felt:

“Why on earth did I agree on doing this”.

This was of course also combined with a sense of imposture syndrome including thinking that everyone else that is a full professor has understood everything about their subject area. My area just evolves and becomes more difficult to explain by the day. Sigh.

The abstract of the lecture is found below:

Systemutvecklingsarbete är svårt, och många IT-system fungerar inte på ett tillfredsställande sätt trots intensiv teknikutveckling. Min forskning handlar både om att förbättra situationen och att förstå vad problemen beror på. Jag forskar på att ta fram förbättrade arbetssätt i de organisationer och i de projekt som utvecklar och inför IT. Fokus här är användarcentrerade metoder, genus, sociotekniskt perspektiv och agil utveckling. Jag har också forskat på de kompetenser som personerna i projekten behöver bemästra för att kunna arbeta med utveckling av komplexa system som stödjer människor på ett bra sätt.

The lecture is found here:

Key Note Speaker on International Workshop on Software Engineering in Healthcare Systems

I’m going to attend the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering. This is one of the ACM yearly conferences, described in this way on the web site:

ICSE, the International Conference on Software Engineering, is the premier software engineering conference, providing a forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, research, experiences, trends and concerns in the field of Software engineering. In 2018 ICSE will celebrate its 40th anniversary, and 50 years of Software engineering – 50 years of tremendously successful promotion of research, education and practices in software engineering.

For me this will be the first time I visit this conference, and I will do a key note at one of the workshops of the conference. The workshop is called International Workshop on Software Engineering in Healthcare Systems. In my key note I will address the complexities of doing software engineering when stakeholders have conflicting needs and requirements, and give examples from the implementation of medical records online in Sweden.

The conference will be in Gothenburg in May 2018. I’ve been in Gothenburg a few times, and 90% of the cases it is raining and is really cold. I hope that the city is a bit nicer in May!

Presenting at Vitalis Together with Region Uppsala: “Alone we are strong, together we are unbeatable: Experiences from collaboration related to research and digitalization of health care”.

Birgitta Wallgren from Region Uppsala, Gunilla Myreteg from Uppsala University and I will be presenting our collaboration at Vitalis 2018. 🙂

Our abstract in English is: 

Region Uppsala is committed to becoming a leader in eHealth in Sweden, and today the region is at the forefront of digitalization. As part of this effort, the Region cooperates with researchers from Uppsala University in a program with several parts. In this presentation will present our collaboration under the theme: “Alone we are strong – together we are unbeatable”. We will also advise other county councils and universities about this type of cooperation.

The collaboration between Uppsala University includes a research project funded by Forte, focusing on the effects of digitization on the nurse’s work environment, which will result in a framework and concept for introducing IT systems focusing on occupational safety issues. So far, the project has focused on studying the effects of digitization, and studies have begun in oncology, children’s hospital and in surgery. The region participates in the project’s reference group with staff from different parts of the hospital, and will also participate actively in the process of developing the framework that will be tested in the region before the project ends.

Uppsala Region and the researchers also have extensive cooperation on the introduction of a Patient Accessible Electronic Health Records where Uppsala University coordinated researchers from all over the country in a consortium.

The collaboration also includes seminars, workshops and education.
Researchers from the university offer lectures for the region’s staff a few times per semester, and the subjects vary from time to time. We have, for example, held seminars on the digital work environment, Scrum and usability and Implementation.

Within the framework of the cooperation, there is also the project course “IT in society” where the region acts as the client of various investigations. The subject of the cooperation varies from year to year. Last year, an investigation was conducted into the technical future, and this year, students are studying how positioning systems can be used in future care to improve efficiency.

Finally, the program includes collaboration on the design and implementation of IT. The researchers have participated and worked on the design of a new operational planning system, and participated in the evaluations of the impact of the implementation. The researchers have also worked to visualize decision support with health care.

We will finish the presentation by advising other county councils who want to build a similar collaboration between research and development. Nice finish is missing.

Welcome to my Key note at the “Forum for district nurses”, Stockholm 6-7 December 2016″

Welcome to two stimulating days where we focus on the challenges that you as district nurses encounter in your daily work. Together with colleagues from across the country, you will update you on the latest research, take note of successful case studies and learn methods to streamline your administrative work and reduce stress.

I will have a key note at the conference where I present recent research from the DOME project together with other interesting studies related to work as a nurse.

For more information and bookings see: http: //

If you add the code Talare 10 you will get a lower price at the conference.