About this blog and about me

ÅsaAbout me

Åsa Cajander is an associate professor of human-computer interaction at Uppsala University,

I do research mainly from a socio-technical perspective in the following areas:

  1.  IT and work. Digitalisation has great potential to improve work and to increase work engagement. However, to develop and deploy ICT in organisations is difficult and often users think that the ICT is too complex and has major flaws.
  2. Computer Science Education. I also do research on learning and didactics, and is part of the Uppsala Computing Education Research Group (UpCERG)

I am the research leader of the Health Technology and Organisations (HTO) research group.

I am also the coordinator of the DOME consortium that does research on the deployment of medical records online in Sweden. You find information about the DOME project here.

I am the gender equality officer at the Department of Information Technology,

About this blog

The goal of this blog is to disseminating and discuss my own and other people’s experiences and knowledge related to my research area ICT@work.

The blog also discusses gender in academia as this is one of my are
as of interest, and I am the gender equality officer at the department of IT.

In short this blog contains everything I am interested in at work! 

Other social media

You also find Åsa Cajander on Twitter @AsaC and @DOMEprojekt

(updated December 2016)