Planning a PhD Course in Gender and IT in HealthCare

Minna Salminen Karlsson and I will organise a PhD course in gender and eHealth in fall 2021. The course is managed by the NordWit Centre of Excellence which Gabriele Griffin leads.

Gender and technology are new areas for the intended target group, so the introductory part, literature and lectures start from the basic level. After completing the course, the doctoral student should be able to describe fundamental theories used in research on gender and technology and apply them in e-health. We will also address research in eHealth can have better quality with a gender perspective.

The course is primarily aimed at doctoral students in e-health, caring science, medicine and health, but doctoral students from other disciplines are also welcome.

The course is given at Zoom and stretches over three weeks. During the course, own work, lectures and seminars will be alternated including 3-4 guest lectures.

More information will soon be available about the course, and you will have the possibility to apply!