Being in the writing zone or having grit?!

I have noticed that sometimes I really struggle to write, and each word I write comes slowly and painfully. On these occasions I want to quit my job and spend my time doing easier things, and I have to use my grit not to give up. On other occasions I can really end up being in a “bubble” of flow, or in the zone where writing is an effortless achievement and the writing process is really giving me lots of energy. It is quite like being energised through the focus of writing, and the writing process absorbs be completely.

Indeed, the state of being in the writing zone (or not being there) is an interesting phenomena very central for academic work.

One could wonder if it is possible to increase the likelihood of writing as in the state of flow, and decrease the number of occasions when it is a pain?

This is my personal list of things that increases the likelihood of experiencing flow:

  1. Writing in a room together with other people often gives me inspiration.
  2. Having had a good nights sleep the night before
  3. A clear outcome is often helping. If I know what I want to say in the text it is easier.
  4. Deadlines might sometimes help – but sometimes they are just obstacles
  5. Take a short walk in the breaks
  6. Coffee


What are your tips for getting in the writing zone?