Panel Member Discussing Leadership in Academia

I was an invited member of a panel recently to discuss leadership in Academia. The panel was a part of a leadership course at Uppsala University. I must say that this was quite a nervous thing to do. It feels like you need to have all the answers to tricky leadership questions, and also you need to be a good leader. I always try to be a fair and supportive coach, but for sure there are areas of improvement for me when it comes to leadership -despite many leadership courses in the area.  One area of improvement is indeed creating an environment where people do their best in this competitive area, and don’t loose confidence when things don’t go their way, and where people experience wellbeing and a good work environment.

I managed to present myself for ten minutes, and not the fifteen minutes that was the plan, and then there was a discussion around different topics connected to leadership.

One topic that we discussed was diversity and my time management. Why do I chose to put time working with diversity in an environment where the academic achievement is what is counted – not aiming at being a more inclusive environment. My answer to this was that diversity is a core value for me, and that it feels really important to work with.

Another area that came up was work-life balance. I guess I got this question since I am a full professor with four kids. However,  I do not work more than full time any week of the year. I simply don’t have the time. Many weeks I think I work less, when the kids are going through tough periods. I don’t think that I said this at the panel but I think I am quite good at being efficient, lower quality of deliveries when possible, and I also work with many good people where collaboration works amazingly good so that everyone works less even though the results are really good.