Submitted Application to Professor of Computer Science

Some time back I submitted an application for promotion to full professor of Computer Science at Uppsala University. It ended up being almost 60 pages of text, and I had worked with the applications for months. Submitting it was really energy consuming, much because there’s always a risk of failing when being evaluated. I have heard of many cases where people have very unexpectedly being assessed as not qualified. I also know that the process is gendered, and that women threat to be evaluated much harsher than men. Submitting this application was really a brave step for me. It felt like the jump made by the man in the blog post.

Being in academia really means being exposed to constant assessments, and evaluations of your work in different ways. I can get quite tired of this but I guess it is a part of the game. If you want to impact society and get funding for doing your research it is better to be a full professor than an associate professor.

The process is quite slow when you apply for promotion at Uppsala University. If I am lucky I will have the results from the evaluation before summer, but it is not unlikely that it is done in the fall. There are small steps on the way, though, and so far I have celebrated them all!