Collaborating with a Graphical Recorder for Uppsala Health Summit

Our workshop plans for Uppsala Health summit are getting more and more detailed. We are going to do a workshop with politicians, health care professionals, patients and researchers in the area of use of existing data for diagnosis and treatment of cancer. You can read about the workshop here. Christiane Grünloh, Jonas Moll and I are organising the workshop and it really feels like it’s going to be a great event!!

We are in contact with Maja Larsson related to graphical recording of the workshop participants visions of the future. This means that she will do sketches in real time during the workshop and also do some material for the participants that they can use to discuss. I must stay that Maja Larsson has given an extremely competent impression, and she has sent us lots of examples of inspirational material for the workshop. It is so much fun to work as a researcher sometimes! And there are indeed no limits to what you get to learn!

I hope to see you at the Health Summit! It will be a great event!