On Career Paths and Equal Opportunities

The academic senate had a retreat at Krusenberg the past week. The academic senate is briefly presented in this blog post and I also wrote a short blog post from a meeting this fall.

We started the retreat with discussing career paths in academia. The rules and regulations clearly has an effect on how we recruit, and there are new regulations coming up for recrutitment of junior researchers. Related to this it was a discussion about gender and recrutiment. During a break I was recommended to read this paper. The describes the bias we have in the peer review.

The paper says

“In this paper, we described the main characteristics of applicants for a junior faculty funded position at KI in 2014, and highlighted the desired variables for a successful candidate. We showed that men’s scores were positively associated with bibliometric measures and funding, which was not true for women. In addition, applicants with a Swedish or European background were more likely to receive higher scores.”

How do we make sure that we fight our biases? How can we work to prevent this from happening?