A 2nd Writing Retreat

The HCI people at the department had a two day writing retreat at my house again. This time it was a real girl-power retreat, and it was only women who came. We spent two full days writing and also doing some social activities.

Writing retreats work very well for me, and I get more things written than a normal day when I am sitting at my desk. The feeling of being focused and only being allowed to write is really great.

During the retreat I wrote on the following texts:

  • A paper on sharing of patient accessible health records with relatives. The work on the paper is lead by Leysan Nurgalieva, and the study is based on interview data as well as a survey that was sent to patients.
  • An application for funding to do research on psychiatry medical records online and how that affects the work environment in health care.
  • An application to the co-funded call Gender-Net Plus