Tip of the Day: Putting your Research on Wikipedia

Last week I listened to a very interesting and inspiring talk by Olle Terenius on Wikipedia and outrearch. You can look at something similar online, found here.  The abstract of the talk was:

Wikipedia is at the core of knowledge transfer in contemporary society and one of the most efficient ways to communicate research to others. In order to keep Wikipedia relevant, as accurate and up to date as possible, it is important that researchers contribute in their field of expertise. In a world ripe with alternative facts, it is our job to stand up for transparency and the scientific method. Wikipedia also provides a place for your research and for you as a researcher where literally everyone looks.

I have edited Wikipedia some in the past, and this lecture gave me renewed inspiration to put a few hours adding references to research papers. Now you find 5-6 if my papers and some of my favourite research papers on Wikipedia. Perhaps you should try to make sure that your knowledge is found on Wikipedia too!?