Working on Ticking off One More Thing on My Research Life Bucket List

Summer holiday is approaching quickly but I will spend some time the coming weeks working on ticking off one of the items on my research life bucket list as well as some other small things. The item that I am addressing on my research life bucket list is “submitting a paper to CHI”. Note that being accepted to CHI is not on the bucket list :-o, at least not at this point in time. The first thing will be to just submit a paper that we believe in and then we’ll see what happens.

As usual I will be working with my excellent colleagues from the HTO group on this paper, and so far, we have taken a few steps on the way.  The first step was to understand what CHI papers look like, and what this community see as quality in research. To address this, we looked up, read and discussed a number of CHI papers in the area of our study. Given that HCI is a very broad area with people coming from different related areas to study humans and technology, there is not one set of principles that guide the CHI papers but it is definitely possible to see some trends. After having read a number of papers I have come to understand that what is needed is a relevant area with an interesting question, a well-designed research study and a well-written paper. I have also seen that the CHI community publish a lot of survey studies, and that there were fewer studies with really qualitative methods such as diaries or field studies (but they existed too).

The paper that we’ll submit will be related to medical records online and a survey that we have done in the Disa project, and the DOME consortium. I have had discussions with my co-authors related to this paper, and we started working on it during the week that passed.

One can wonder if it is a good idea to have a bucket list, or a vision about what one would like to do in the future. Or is it better just to go with the flow and do what you see as good learning experiences. Perhaps you miss out on good opportunities if you follow your bucket list? Hmm. Or perhaps having a bucket list is one way of knowing what you want to do, and what you are inspired by doing. I have a short bucket list that I have had for a few years. I sometimes add things to the list when I get new ideas, but it is more or less a stable list. Do you have a bucket list as a researcher? What would be on your list?