Paper on Unexpected Student Behaviour and Learning Opportunities @ Frontiers in Education 2017

This paper was really collaborative work, and the analysis was a joint effort with many great minds. We had many good meetings about the paper before we wrote it up, and the different authors contributed with their expertise.

The paper abstract: 

“One of the challenges in being a teacher is to set up an educational setting where the students receive relevant learning opportunities for the specific course, the students’ education in general, and for their future. However, efforts to create such educational settings do not always work in the way that faculty has intended. In this paper we investigate one such effort seen from a critical incident perspective. Central to the analysis in this paper is how the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) can provide explanations for the incident. The critical incident can be summarised as students refusing to take part in a non-compulsory, but from the faculty perspective highly educational, activity. We describe the incident in depth, give thebackground for the educational intervention, and analyse the incident from the perspective of TPB. This paper makes two major contributions to engineering education research. The first is the development of a method for analysing critical teaching and learning incidents using the TPB. The critical incident analysisillustrates how the method is used to analyse and reason about the students’ behaviour. Another contribution is the development of a range of insights which deal with challenges raised by Learning interventions, especially those involved with acquiring hidden or ”invisible skills” not usually seen or acknowledged by students to belong to core subject area of a degree program.”

The idea to make use of theories on behavior to understand students came from Hadadgar’s PhD thesis that I examined a few months ago (about physicians, learning and antibiotics)

Jonas Moll has written more about the papers that we got accepted. You find his blog post here. It’s a recommended read!