UX and Agile at the University of Pretoria

Last week I did a lecture at the University of Pretoria where I am visiting this week. There were about 45 students who were really active and interested. I started out the lecture by presenting myself, and then asked them what they knew about UX and Agile. They used Mentimeter when answering the questions, and the distribution revealed that they thought they had moderate to little knowledge. I hope that they know some more about the topic after the lecture 🙂

UX agile mentimeter

I presented some of the work that Marta Larusdotter and I have done and discussed some of the different ways UX work can be integrated in Agile.

We finished the seminar with a role play exercise where they got to dicsuss the different opionions one can meet when working with UX in Agile. When asked what they thought interesting about the excercise most of them said that it was interesting that all opinions about UX and Agile can have valid arguments, event though the opinion in itself is odd.

It was a very intelligent and promising group of students. And I really enjoyed meeting them!



2 thoughts on “UX and Agile at the University of Pretoria

  1. Subeer Yusuf

    Hi Professor,

    It was very interesting to meet you and listen to you at the University of Pretoria. I was one the students sitting in the conference room for your presentation. After the seminar I found myself very intrigued by UX Design and Agile Project Management, which made me do further research about the work you have done and the University of Uppsala as well as possible research careers in the fields.

    I thank you for the seminar.

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