Recruitment of an HTO Action Research Member

Our group is expanding and during the last weeks Jonas Moll and I have worked with the applications for the post doc position that we annonced in two action research projects: The “Digital work environment and Ehealth project”  that we have with Region Uppsala and the “Envisioning Business Administration Project” that we have with the university administration of Uppsala University. 

Working as an action reseracher in these projects requires a skilled and social reseracher who wants to work in collaboration with organisations related to the design and development of IT systems for work. We also want someone who has experience in doing reserach in either or both of these settings, and preferably someone who contributes to the diversity of the group. Unfortunately we need someone who speaks Swedish which makes it a bit difficult.

Jonas Moll and I have worked in a very structured way with assessment of the applications. First we developed an assessment rubrics based on the advertisment text, and we then worked both separately and collaborately.

The following weeks we will do interviews with candidates, and for this we have made use of a good material from Lund University on recrutiment of PhD students. We have adapted the matieral to our context, and now we are ready for interviews. We will also make sure that the candidates will meet other mambers of the HTO group to get a better grip of the work environment.

I’ll keep you posted about what happens!