Assessment of the Research Environment at Our Department – KoF 2017

Uppsala University is currently undergoing an assessment related to the research environment called KoF17. At our department a panel consisting of computer scientists and mathematicians were at the department and interviewed us for two days. I participated in two of the sessions. In this work I represented our work with gender equality, and as an expert of our administrative IT systems.

The task of the experts in the Kof 17 panel is to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of our research community at the department. And to make recommendations for how we should develop it.  The KoF17 assessment is the third self-initiated evaluation conducted by Uppsala University, the former were 2007 and 2011. This time the goal was to give constructive collegial feedback. This means agood advice so we can develop and become even better. Kof17 includes for example reflection on the link between research and education, as well as between research and collaboration.

The vice chancellor of the university blogs about this event here

It was really an interesting event, and some of the things i learned more about are:

  • There are indeed different academic cultures in different countries.
  • People have surprisingly different opinions on what is good and what is quality.
  • The process in itself was indeed a learning experience, and our head of reserach Gunilla Kreiss did a great job in putting everything together for us.