Positive Experiences from Shared Decision Making in Health Care

Health care is transforming, many argue, from a very hierarchial and paternalistic approach to health care where physicians are the active part, and the patients are passive. The new approach includes a relationtship where the physicans and the patients are more on equal terms, and where there is a mutual partnership in the relationship (as pieces of a puzzle, as the image to this blog post.)

Some would argue that this transformation is too slow, and that there are numerous obstacles to this transformation such as the desire to maintain control, lack of time and personal beliefs. I do believe that the mutual partnership approach is much better than the old approach, and that shared decision making is the future of health care. 

I went to the doctor last week for a check up, and of course I could not help but to do some observations in relation to a paper that the DOME reserachers and I are writing on shared decision making. During the analysis of the interviews for this paper we were quite worried about the state of Swedish health care when it comes to shared decision making and a patient centred approach to health care.

However, my experience from this session at the doctor was that the physicial indeed did ask me about what we should do, and I really felt like I was the one deciding!

Things might be moving in the right direction after all?