Gender Equality – Does it Really Get Better?

This week I revisited the school class with 12/13-year-olds (that I blogged about here) with a follow up lecture on gender equality. Extremely FUN!

Before this lecture the children had done an interview with an elderly person about how it worked with gender equality when they were kids. I had given them instructions on how to do an interview, and they had prepared interview templates. They then recorded the interviews using their iPads from school.

We started this lecture by loooking at the films and then we discussed:

Gender Equality – Does it Really Get Better?

What is the difference between how it works now and how it worked when the interviewed people were young?

What were the difference between the stories that the people told in their interviews?

The kids had the following answers to these questions:

  • Life seemed to be easier before, and many of the interviewed people said that life was better when they were kids. However, it was difficult to understand why!
  • All moms took care of the kids.
  • Dads worked and did sports
  • Moms did all the cooking, cleaning and housework.

Lessons learned from this experience:

  • Some kids interpreted “elderly people” as people in their 40’s  :-o.
  • The kids really enjoyed listening to the films with the interviews.
  • The kids enjoyed it as much as I did. 🙂
  • Next time I will see to it that I can watch the interviews before the lecture and be a bit more prepared.