Member of the Academic Senate at Uppsala University

After the summer 2017 I will be a member of the academic senate at Uppsala University as one of 16 senators from the Faculty of Science and Technology. This will be a great learning opportunity for me, and I am really glad that I was appointed to this position.

The Academic Senate consists of 48 faculty and 20 students from the different areas of the university. The term of office is three years for faculty and one year for students.

The academic senate has no real power to decide things, but discussion and express opinions about areas central for the university such as :  1) the objectives and strategies for the university’s activities and cooperation with the surrounding society, 2) on government proposals, 3) university organization and 4) research and educational policy issues of importance for Uppsala University.

This will be a great opportunity to learn about the university organisation and our visions for the future. I’ll tell you more as soon as the job has started 🙂