Lunch seminar in Uppsala about Medical Records Online with Benny Eklund

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Benny Eklund through the Dome consortium as an action researcher. Benny Eklund is really a visionary and creative person with a quick mind, and he is indeed an excellent presenter well worth listening to. Moreover, he has an amazingly interesting story to tell related to patient empowerment, technology and inertia in health care!  The Sustains project that launched medical records online for patients was extremely critizesed, and there were some big bumps on the road to getting medical records online.

On the 23 of February Benny Eklund is invited to present his work with medical records online for patients at a lunch seminar in Uppsala. The seminar will be on YouTube afterwards, and I will make sure to send you the link.

I will be introducing Benny Eklund at this occasion.

See you there! 

Full information and a registration link is found here:

Speaker: Benny Eklund, IT Strategist, County Council of Uppsala

Title: Biomed-IT lunch seminar on electronic health records

Patient empowerment – a side effect of modern technology

Place: ITC 2446 

Time: 12:00 — 13:00 


Patient empowerment – a side effect of modern technology in “everyones” basic skills. Banking was one of the first, then travel business, tax authorities, etc. Much later Health Care, but they fighted the phenomena! The story is about two EU-funded projects – both named “Sustains” and how they became the Swedish standard


Welcome to the talk! A free sandwich is provided for participants who register in advance. REGISTER on