Let me Present the HTO Research Group and Web Page

In September we started a research group with the name “Health Technology and Organisations” which consists of reserachers from Uppsala University, department of Information Technology and Associate Professor Marta Larusdottir from Reykjavik University.

There are now three research groups at the department who are in the area of human-computer interaction. The other two are the “Social Robotics Group” lead by Associate Professor Ginevra Castollano, and the TiHR (I think it stands for Technology in Human Reasoning) group which is lead by Professor Anders Jansson

The HTO group consists of five senior researchers and four PhD students. So far things have worked very well, and we try to have a very democratic research group. Last week Diane Golay started as a valuable contribution to the group :-). During the spring 2017 we will apply for more reserach funding and hopefully expand the group even further in the direction of health, learning and technology for impaired children which is Lars Oestreicher’s reserach area, and in the area of haptics and health care which is Jonas Moll’s research area.

The group’s name is chosen carefully. The word health both stands for our research with healthy work in for example the Ladok project, and our work with health care in for example Dome or Disa. We also work very much with the sociotechnical perspective, and the organisational perspective on IT – hence the word organisation.

You find our reserach group’s web here including a description of our reserach projects.