Some Thoughts after Reviewing Funding Applications

Laltely I have spend quite a lot of time reading funding applications for the Research Council of Norway. I must say that the process is very rigorous, and both criteria and evaluation instructions are very carfully described.

I thought that I would give you some advice based on the experience of reading nine applications, as a complement fo the learning experience of writing my own applications presented previously:

  1. Describe carefully what you are going to do in the project. Be very detailed and think it through.
  2. Try to illustate your ideas in different figures. It is a bit complicated to understand applications and images help.
  3. When writing text about the gender perspective of your application, do not only write the number of women and men. That is not sufficient.
  4. Explain how the different partners will contribute to the project you are applying for, and describe how the collaboration will work.

Some of the things I found very interesting were:

  1. There were indeed many action reserach projects among the applications! I didn’t realize it was such a popular methodology (or perhaps this was a strange sample that I reviewed)
  2. There are indeed many good applications out there.

I am looking forward to the discussion in Norway next week. It will be a great learning experience.