Gamification and Learning of Human Computer Interaction

Last semester Diane Golay and I was responsible for the basic human computer interaction course at the department where we work. The course runs in several instances every semester, and we were in charge of the computer science students’ course instance.

The course has not been very popular, and this semester we did some changes to the course. The changes were based on how the course is run at KTH where it has been awarded “best course of the programme” for several years, and we had discussions with Jonas Moll  who has been a teacher there about the recommended set up of things.

In short the changes were:

  • Adding a gamification component to the course in the form of a competition and a jury.
  • Adding a final presentation in front of a jury consisting of three prominent people from academia and industry who listen to the best projects being presented and decides on a winner.

Last week the best teams of the course presented in front of a jury. The presentations were really impressive, and the students were very professional when describing their work with redesigning health apps. The winning team did a redesign of the health app “Zombie Run“, and won a cinema voucher each (see the picture of this blog post).

It was really an interesting learning experience to teach the course, and I hope that we can make use of what we learned for the next course instance. Diane Golay and I will also write a didactic paper based on this experience, so there will be more to come about this!