Digitalisation and the Effect on the Work Environment of Nurses – Our New Research Project

We have started a new research project, DISA, in the area of digitalisation and the effects on the work environment of nurses. The project will investigate the area from a socio-technical and gender perspective, and the project team is multidisciplinary. I will be leading the work together with Minna Salminen Karlsson from the centre for gender studies at Uppsala University. The project is done in collaboration with the county council in Uppsala, and especially the EPJ division, and we have a very ambitious plan for the work. This will be great fun!

In the project we will do studies of the digital work environment of nurses in surgical care, children’s care and in oncology. The project is off to a good start and we have already come far in the work in oncology and surgical care. The work with the children’s care will have a kick off next week when we are meeting the hospital IT manager to discuss the project.

The DISA project is funded by Forte and part of the project will be a part of the DOME consortium.