DOME conference in Uppsala

Last week we had a conference in Uppsala about the research done on medical records online for patients. We were fifteen people attending the conference, and a few listening in on Skype on the second day. During these days there were many nice discussions and presentations, and this blog will only highlight a few. There will be a separate blog on a presentation about psychiatry care online and research on this launch in Skåne.

Leif Lyttkens talked about the importance of having researchers collaborating with the eHealth developers when launching medical records online for patients. The research consortium has been independent and funded by Vinnova and other research organisations, but we have collaborated with the development project to study for example the problems with cancer patients reading their medical records online (see previous blog post).

Mia Pettersson presented the work with medical records online from INERA’s perspective. She described that the service is mostly used Monday morning, and not during the weekend (see the picture from Mia’s presentation attached to the blog). She also said that there is now around 800 000 users of the system in Sweden, and that there will be even more in the future. INERA gets around 400 questions from patients regarding the functionality of the system, and many questions are about what information can be found, and why some pieces of information is missing. These questions are a result of the very varied implementation in the different county councils. Mia also mentioned that patients in Skåne has a substantial larger amount of questions than people in other counties.

We also presented and discussed the different research projects that we have in DOME and possible collaborations and synergies so that we get the most useful knowledge out of them. Isto Huvila presented the HIBA project, Maria Hägglund and Isabella Scandurra presented their new project, and I presented the Forte project.

We plan to have our next meeting in the spring 2017 in Skövde, and there we will discuss the future work in DOME.