I am a Part of the New Nordic Centres to Solve the Nordic Gender Paradox

I am a part of the team lead by Professor Gabriele Griffin, Uppsala University who got funding for working in a Nordic Centre of Excellence to solve the nordic gender paradox.  I will work at this centre of excellence around 20% of my time for five years.

This will be such a great learning experience for me to work with eHealth, which is one of my research areas, and collaborate closely with gender researchers. I think that this collaboration will also give synergies to my research area as a whole, and to my work with gender equality. I am really happy to be a part of this effort! 🙂

You are right though, gender has not been a part of my quite broad research area so far. 😮 . However, I have been interested in gender ever since I was a student, and I wrote two of my master level essays in the area of gender and literature. I have also worked closely, and thrived from, collaboration with the excellent Nina Almgren and Minna Salminen Karlsson in the FESTA project a couple of years.  And I have one publication on inclusive supervision with Ulrike Schnaas. And since a couple of years I work as the Gender Equality Officer at the department of Information Technology, and in this role I have read and followed research on gender in academia.

The centre will work with action research and explore women careers in technology-driven work environments. It has four main research pillars, one of which is eHeath in which I will work.

Surely, there will be more to come about this new exciting Centre of Excellence!

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  1. Nina Almgren

    And it will be a great learning experience for the gender researchers to work and collaborate closely with you Åsa. I am really happy that you are a part of this effort!

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