DOME in TV News

There was a piece of news on Swedish TV the other day (the 8th of August) on medical records online and the DOME research.  They did an interview with me at work, and I got 5 sek of fame on TV regarding our research.

I will try to sum up some of their points from the TV news in this short blog. Some of the things said in the TV program can also be found in three articles that they have written on the same topic. I link to the Swedish articles in the text:

  • Medical records have been accessible online since 2012 in one of Sweden’s counties, and in a few years they will be available throughout Sweden. However, in the current implementation patients see different pieces of information in different counties. This is problematic from the patients’ perspective. Some county councils show all infomration as soon as it is available, whereas some wait two weeks until they let the patients access the information. Notes written by psychiatry are visible in some counties, and not in others. The TV program also toughes on the implementation process, and questions if this implementation is a good idea. Inera answers that the system would not have existed if they would have insisted on the same rules within the whole country.  Read a full Swedish text here, and enjoy the image of my red nails in the article. 😉
  • They also presented an TV interview with a patient who uses medical records online. She describes that she uses the system to check test results and to remember what has happened in her treatment. Read the Swedish text on part of the program here
  • Physicians are often worried about the patients in relation to medical records online. Will they worry about what they read? Will they misinterpret? Patients who use the system, on the other hand, find it useful and helpful.