Uppsala Health Summit on “Empowering positive behaviour changes in complex food environments”


I am co-organising a workshop at Uppsala Health Summit this year. I am organising it together with professor Isto Huvila from DOME , and some new acquaintances from the university:

  • Dr. Meena Daivadanam, Post Doc, Dept. of Food, Nutrition and Dietitics, Uppsala University
  • Professor JoAnne Dahl, Licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Uppsala University

The workshop is about behaviour change, technology and child obesity. The title is: “Empowering positive behaviour changes in complex food environments”

Efforts to reduce childhood obesity rates must take the child´s immediate environment into close account. To grow, thrive, avoid the risk of becoming obese, a child needs support by his or her caregivers, who in turn need support by the community and society at large. How can we empower children and their families to navigate the complex world around them and develop healthy food and exercise behaviours?
The discussion will be introduced by Dr Pilvikki Absetz, Associate professor and CEO from the social innovations entreprise Collaborative Care Systems in Finland, and Michael Quarshie, founder and CEO of Wellness foundry.

During the workshop we will use the fishbowl technique which will be extremely interesting to organise, and learn to use!

-See you there 🙂