Key Note On Equality in Academia at the WomENcourage conference in 2015

In October 2015 I did a key note on being a woman in a male dominated field. I talked about the imposture syndrome (ie. the feeling of being fake) and harassment techniques.

womencourage 2015

How do you succeed in the area of computer science? My research has shown that having grit is more important than IQ or any other personality trait, and that grit together with the student’s overall view of success matters the most. If you work hard, and do not give up when it is really tough, then you are likely to have a good career in any subject, including computer science. However, if you are a woman in computer science success also correlates to you handling the male dominated field, and being the token figure. This can be seen as another kind of grit. The norm of the field is connected to the computer science nerd who has no interests but technology, and that this personality trait is required to be a part of the community. In this keynote I will tell some of my stories about how it is to be a woman in the field, and give some insights into the kind of grit that it requires to be a successful token figure.

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